Advice for Dealing With a Construction or Oil Field Workplace Injury

the silhouette of an oil field worker turning some knobs in an oil fieldEvery day across the country, millions of construction and oil field workers report to work to perform what is a labor-intensive and difficult job. In Texas and New Mexico, construction jobs are lucrative; jobs in the oil fields in places like Odessa and Houston employ many folks to work a tough and often dangerous job. On any given day, a worker might fall from a scaffolding, tweak their ankle ascending a ladder, get hurt operating a crane, tumble from a great height, etc. Unfortunately, many of these incidents might go unreported or not properly recorded by employers. Let’s take a look at why a lawyer can be essential in ensuring you receive adequate medical care and attention. 

Outlining the Oil Industry in Texas

In Texas, the oil industry is essential for the economy and employs a lot of people across the state.  In 2015, some statistics showed that about 1.39 million people were employed by the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry. This accounts for related occupations, as only a smaller number of these are out on the field every day. Nevertheless, in Texas, there is a large number of people working in these jobs. 

An investigative report done by the Houston Chronicle in 2014 showed that there were some issues still to be addressed in these worksites. Since then, there have been some changes but accidents still occur on a daily basis. The study found that the federal government was behind in implementing safety standards and procedures for onshore and offshore drilling. When OSHA investigated many of these oil-field related incidents, it found safety violations in 78 percent of Texas accidents. 

How a Lawyer can Help

So how can a lawyer help you? Below are just a few of the reasons:

  1. We want you to move forward. As an experienced law firm, the Enriquez Law Firm wants you to move forward from your injury. Don’t let it define your life. We have seen many people’s lives come to a standstill when they face a serious or debilitating injury.  We understand that an injury can be devastating to you and your family for a variety of reasons. This is why we help you move forward by taking care of the paperwork, the legal details, and all the investigation so that you can focus on getting better. 
  2. Ensure adequate medical help. In order to recover quickly and effectively, you want to make sure you are receiving adequate medical care that you deserve. Many times workers will forego the proper medical care in order to avoid missing work or because they are not sure of the severity of their injury. Medical treatment is vital to ensure the proper recovery and rehabilitation. 
  3. Ensure proper investigation and documentation. Many times employers will fail to properly disclose information, document, or report details of an accident. A proper investigation of the occurred is important to ensure a fair case and adequate compensation. 

A Few Key Facts to Take Into Consideration

In the Houston Chronicle investigation, it was found that OSHA is only required to investigate accidents that kill workers or that cause three or more to be hospitalized. This can affect the way that safety standards are implemented, as it might not take a solitary accident into consideration. 

Report Your Injury and Get Us On Your Side

According to the 2017 numbers, 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by the private sector. For many, this is likely an inaccurate number as so many of these injuries slip through the cracks and are not properly documented.

Have you been injured at work on a construction site or in the oil fields? Don’t wait around. Call us today and see how the Enriquez Law Firm can help you receive the proper attention and compensation for your injuries. 

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