Workplace Injuries: The Untold Risks of Being a Construction Worker

Construction is one of the largest industries in the U.S. with over 11 million workers nationwide. These worksites can vary from highway construction to commercial building, trench digging, and electrical work. The workers that build our roads and schools put themselves at risk every day. We have great respect for the men and women who do these difficult jobs and that’s why the Enriquez Law Firm believes that having a good attorney for any workplace injuries is vital to your health and your family’s well being.

The Physical Strain

Construction work is obviously very physical and requires hard labor, often in difficult or harsh weather conditions and while operating heavy machinery. This type of work has a high risk of musculoskeletal pain among its workers. A study reported by the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that over 40 percent of construction workers over the age of 40 suffered from chronic pain.

Other physical consequences from the job include regular cuts, sprains, and broken bones. About 42% of workers, according to the study, reported suffering from one of these injuries within the past month of being interviewed.

Some common injuries include:

  • Falls: From great heights, scaffoldings, or other structures.
  • Tripping: Construction sites are often riddled with equipment, tools, and other machinery that cause hazards and walking obstructions. At the same time, having to work in the rain, snow, or other harsh weather makes worksites dangerous playgrounds.
  • Being hit by vehicles: Getting hit is actually quite common in construction sites because a lot of times they work near fast-moving traffic.

The Mental Strain

Mental distress is also very prevalent among this demographic of workers. Many workers report suffering from various kind of mental strain. The most common diagnosis was that of depression, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety. These symptoms are often a direct result of physical injury, pain, or discomfort. When people suffer injuries that prevent, alter, or hurt their abilities to do their job it leads to frustration and consequently, depression.

These types of jobs are often working long hours, for long stretches of time, and under tight schedules and deadlines. Many times workers are out on a job site and get very little free time while working on a project. All of this contributes to the physical and mental pressures that workers endure. In fact, studies have shown that many of these conditions actually create a high percentage of workers that show signs of being suicidal.

Many of these workplace injuries often go under-reported or untold. Workers might be persuaded to refuse treatment or told to lie as a way to deny them from receiving the benefits of workplace injuries.

The Need for Proper Protection

Being a construction worker is an important and necessary profession in our society. Whether you are a carpenter, electric worker, construction worker, plumber or any other type of labor-intensive job, you have a right to have your voice heard when you suffer injury. Call the Enriquez Law Firm to work with an experienced workplace injury lawyer.

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