7 Safety Rules All ATV Drivers Should Practice

Person in appropriate attire speeds on a four-wheeler on a desert-like trail surrounded by shrubs and grass.

The city of El Paso is known for being vast with open lots of desert and sand dunes. It has become a rather popular fad for families and friends to celebrate holidays and special events by riding ATVs and four-wheelers deep in the desert. As thrilling and exhilarating as four-wheeling can be, it can also be a gamble with your safety. According to studies, states with the highest fatality rate record approximately 20 ATV-related deaths annually. The numbers have more than doubled since the 1990s. Luckily, we have been able to note a small decline in these ATV-related deaths over the past decade.

The best way to prevent any further injuries or deadly results is by helping people stay aware of safety rules and regulations. If you find yourself or your loved ones avidly passing the time by four-wheeling in the back roads, we’ve provided some safety guidelines to keep in mind.

Stay In Close Contact with Friends, Family, and Passengers

It is important to always let someone know where you will be and when you expect to return after four-wheeling. This applies to any and all areas you might find yourself in. It has become too common that people get stuck or lost in relatively easy terrain. Just imagine how much worse and frightening the situation would be if someone was seriously hurt or injured concurrently. Should something happen and you are unable to leave the area or call for help, your friends and family will know to call authorities.

Keep Transportation Available

It is best that you always have at least one other vehicle close by or within the area. This is to ensure that you will transportation out in the event that your ATV or four-wheeler becomes stuck, damaged, or cannot be fixed in that specific time and place. In addition, the extra vehicle can help with providing manpower for heavy-duty fixations.

Pack Survival Gear and First-Aid Kits

You never know when an adventurous evening or weekend can turn or sour, so it is best to always have special gear on hand. Pack the proper items to get you through a fun, but tiring evening and to handle any medical emergencies that may occur.

Tie Everything Down

Four-wheelers may not be as large in size as the typical American-make of a truck, but they are still to be tied down accordingly. Your gear and ATV can be sent flying if you roll over or lay the ATV on its side. Loose items within your ATV can become missile-like and can cause serious injuries inside the four-wheeler.

Stay Strapped with a Seatbelt

Much like the seatbelts we use in the vehicles we take to work and school, it is also important that you stay strapped in and secure with a seatbelt in an ATV. You and your passengers will get jostled around quite a bit on many of the trails you find yourself passing through. Plus, the possibility of a crash or of rolling over can take place at any time. The big rock you try avoiding, yet hit, can suddenly cause you or your passengers to go flying out. Wear a seatbelt at all times.

Keep Arms and Legs Within the Four-Wheeler

If you’ve gone four-wheeling before, you’re more than aware of how narrow the passageways can be. Any arms or legs hanging outside of an ATV can easily be injured by trees, cliff walls, rocks, or large plants that surround you. If an ATV begins to tip over, the natural instinct is for someone to reach their hand out, which is the exact opposite of what you should do. There is no way you’ll be able to stop an ATV from rolling over, but you can decrease the chances of getting hurt or seriously injuring a limb by keeping your body within the ATV.

Do Not Hang or Rest Your Weight on an ATV

If your ATV gets stuck in a precarious position, it is not recommended that you try to pull it down or tip it by hand or weight. It is also best to not climb on the ATV. Use the proper tools and materials to haul the four-wheeler and to always be a safe distance away. A vehicle can crush you if given the chance.

Stay Protected and Represented with the Enriquez Law Firm

At The Enriquez Law Firm, we take all accidents very seriously, especially those including four-wheeling. There are several laws that surround the use of ATVs and they are only enforced for the safety of all. If you or a loved one has been in an ATV-related accident or has injuries, contact us today to help you cover damages and medical expenses.

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