Common Workplace Injuries That Take Place During the Holiday and How You Can Avoid Them

on the job accidents

The holidays are generally a time where the days feel short but our minds feel jammed packed. We’re consumed with shopping lists, baking, and planning for the arrival of our relatives; the ability to focus at work is quite impossible. Though we can hardly wait for Christmas Day and maybe a planned vacation away from the city, we must not forget to focus on the tasks at hand i.e. our work.

If you’re fortunate to work in an office that turns into an everyday festivity then working through the holidays isn’t so bad. The downside to all the commotion? The workplace can suddenly turn into a danger zone.

As an attorney who represents injured workers, we know that this time of the year tends to result in a high amount of on the job accidents. The reason? For one, everyone is in a rush, whether it’s to meet deadlines, leave the office early, or they have mentally checked out. Though accidents vary, there are workplace accidents that occur year after year. Knowing what they are can help you avoid them this holiday season!

Lifting Heavy Objects

From helping bring in the office Christmas tree to moving furniture or shifting desks, if you are asked to lift heavy objects do so with caution! You might not think a 100 lbs box is heavy until you are asked to carry up the stairs. With no prior experience of doing this, you could easily give out your back. Workplace injuries related to setting up office decorations, maneuvering a tree, or carrying boxes are quite common.       

Slip and Falls

Imagine this: you’re walking down the hall to use the restroom and you slip and fall because of a decoration that fell from the ceiling. The result is a bump on your head and a sprained ankle. While it may not seem like it at the time, hitting your head from a fall can easily result in worse complications. These range from foggy vision, memory loss, and even changes in mood. Even if you feel better within a couple of days, it’s best to seek medical care.

A Lack of Training For New Employees

It’s quite common for workplaces to hire temporary employees during November and December as the workload picks up. However, the rush to get these employees to do the actual job doing is prioritized, which often results in poor training and a lack of safety. New employees may not be familiar with proper protocols. This tends to lead to a host of issues, from failing to place items where they go to working with tools they’re not familiar with, all of which can result in an injury.   

When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer, Contact the Enriquez Law Firm

Someone else’s negligence can easily ruin your holidays. If you become injured at work because of someone else’s failure to enact safety measures, don’t suffer the consequences. Connect with our law firm today. We can help determine if you have an eligible case and what steps are necessary to secure compensation. The Enriquez Law Firm is dedicated to you!     

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