I Was Hit by a Driver Who Doesn’t Have Insurance — What Are My Options?

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One of the ongoing pieces of advice that any driver who’s been in a car accident will tell you is make sure you collect the other driver’s insurance information. Whether the damage was done to your vehicle, to you physically, or both, having the information of the person who hit you is extremely important. Following an accident, you should always report the incident to your insurance company. After they’ve gathered your information, the next thing they’ll request is the other driver’s insurance information. But what do you do if the other person doesn’t have insurance?

As a personal injury lawyer whose helped numerous El Paso drivers following a car accident, attorney Humberto Enriquez can assist your case and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Our law firm won’t let these irresponsible drivers get off easy.   

Getting Compensation For the Damage

In Texas, by law, all drivers are required to have some form of auto insurance. Unfortunately, many choose to ignore this law creating significant trouble for victims. Perhaps you’ve been hit by an uninsured motorist in the past but the damage wasn’t severe so you did nothing about it. When you report the accident to your insurance provider, you will be offered to use your uninsurance motorist coverage (if you have this in your policy) to cover the damage done to your vehicle. The reality is, in most cases, this coverage won’t cover the true cost of damage.  

Gathering Key Information — Why Details Are Critical

One of the first things you should do in a car accident is to call the police. Having documentation is essential. The police report will say who was at fault in the accident and provide all of the details needed to determine your compensation. Most importantly, police will be able to issue a ticket to the uninsured driver. Even if you don’t require medical assistance, call 911 and wait for a police officer to arrive. As you wait for the police to arrive, gather the other driver’s name, phone number, the license plate of the vehicle they were driving, and if possible be sure to take photos of your vehicle as well as the other vehicle and other details of the scene such as street signs or nearby objects. These details will be critical in proving your innocence in the case. Many times insurance companies don’t offer the true value of the damage. So before accepting their offer, speak with a personal injury attorney.   

Speak With a Reputable Personal Injury Attorney in El Paso, TX — Call The Enriquez Law Firm

It’s never clear or easy to know what steps are necessary following a car accident. That’s why the Enriquez Law Firm is here. When you reach out to us, we’ll provide you with answers right away. We know that your health and wellbeing are on the line, which is why we act fast! Uninsured motorists should face the consequences of driving irresponsibly, especially when their negligence has had such a large negative impact on your life.

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