Motorcycle Driver Tips For Safe Riding

Man riding sportster motorcycle on countryside during sunset.

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, but comes with obvious dangers. The decades of airbag and crash optimization technology that cars enjoy can’t be transferred to bikes, so riders have to rely on preparation, awareness, and good habits to stay safe. In this article, we’ll discuss just a few ways to make sure you stay safe on the streets of El Paso. 

Wear the Right Gear Every Time

How often do you see someone riding with no helmet, a short-sleeve shirt, and shorts? This is the exact wrong way to ride and can make an accident far more costly. It’s important to have a DOT-certified helmet, preferably with a face shield. You also need to have a motorcycle jacket and riding pants that have added protection. A regular jacket and pair of jeans will not suffice—a high-speed crash will rip those to shreds in seconds and cause you to lose a lot of skin and potentially cause critical damage. 

Ride Defensively 

One tip that many motorcyclists give is to pretend you are invisible to other motorists. Because, oftentimes, you are invisible to motorists and you’ll have to adjust for them not seeing. Try to have a wide berth between your bike and other motorists, and stay alert at all times. Since millions of people drive while looking at their phone, it’s important to pay attention to what other drivers are doing. 

Check Your Bike Before Every Ride 

You should inspect your bike before every ride. Check your oil levels, chain, mirrors, tires, and all other parts of your bike before you leave for your ride. 

Consider Reflective/High Visibility Mods

If you plan on driving at night, you should wear reflective clothing and add reflective elements to your bike. Improving your headlights would also be a worthwhile investment that you could keep you safe at night. 

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